18-30 July 2022, Tanzhaus Zürich

For its first edition, the choreographic development platform brings together a large group of movers of all kinds with an insatiable curiosity to explore all things dance and choreography can be. The participants (3 choreographers, 15 professional dancers and 15 local residents with no professional dance experience) have the unique opportunity to work under the guidance of the internationally acclaimed stage director Alain Platel. For BRÜCKEREI the Belgian artist invites the selected group to respond creatively to the extraordinary music of The Rite of Spring and to indulge in their guilty pleasures in dance.

Choreographers Phoebe Jewitt, Aly Khamees, Clébio Oliveira

Dancers Léna Bagutti, Lia Beuchat, Giulia Esposito, Sofiya Gakh, Jorge Garcia Pérez, Neil Höhener, Abraham Iglesias Rodriguez, Petr Nedbal, Kwangsuk Park, Elisa Serrano Pinos, Morgane Stephan, Ana Van Tendeloo, Alice Aubert, Jo Baan, Joel Bucher, Corsin Gaudenz, Désirée Myriam Gnaba, Reiner Heidelberg, Susanne Henning, Alessandra Hitz, All Morelos, Marie Oyié Ndzambana, Marielle Progin, Flamur Shabanaj, Sofia Trommsdorff, Nathalie Wächli, Robin Waldbuger, Cybèle Mattea Zinsli, Rosine Ponti, Clara Tulli

Researcher Milena Büchi

Dance teachers Simone Blaser, Diane Gemsch, Clea Onori, Angélique Keller, Caroline Finn, Patricia Rotandaro

Photo documentation Maria Cheilopoulou

Informal Public Sharings

Saturdays 23 + 30 July / 5pm, free entry

Tanzhaus Zürich, Bühne 1, Wasserwerkstrasse 127a, 8037 Zürich

The Sharings invite the general public to witness sketches of the creative process of the 3 choreographers, selected out of a pool of 140 applications, and to gain behind-the-scenes insights into the artistic research carried out during BRÜCKEREI. The Sharings are not intended to show a finished piece or a specific phase of a dance production; rather, they give visitors the opportunity to experience the birth of creative ideas and the development of choreographic fragments.

Sharings are open on a "first come, first served" basis. No advance reservation is required.